Ingrown toenail surgery12 Oct 2021

Do I need nail surgery?

If you have a persistent ingrown toenail that just keeps coming back or you can’t get rid of one, maybe surgery is the best option for you. You may even notice the skin growing over the nail like this picture.

What is nail surgery?

  • A partial nail avulsion (nail surgery) includes removing part of the toenail to relieve and prevent further ingrown toenails.

  • This is a permanent procedure done in our clinic and usually only takes 1 hour and is performed by your podiatrist under local anesthetic, so there is no pain at all during the surgery.

  • To stop the nail growing on the edge we use a chemical to stunt the growth so your nail is left slightly narrower following the procedure.

    Do I require this procedure?

    We would always assess the nail and the person first to see if the conservative option may relieve the pain initially, before deciding on the surgery. We recommend surgery if it is a constant problem.

    If you have any further questions feel free to email us and we are happy to explain this further.
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