The importance of a good shoe!3 Feb 2016

Think about how much of the day you spend on your feet and carry your whole body weight, worth the investment of a quality pair of shoes.
80/20 rule 80% of the time wear a good supportive shoe and 20% of the time you can wear a special occasion shoe like a high heel or jandal.

The main things to look for in an everyday shoe.
Something with a hard heel counter (back of the shoe). Push on the back of a shoe and if it collapses or really flimsy it's not going to support your foot.
Something that doesn’t bend too much through the midsole. We want the shoe to bend where the foot naturally bends, so it should bend at the toes but the midsole should not be too flexible. However this is different with kids as we want the developing foot to be able to move but still be protected.
Something with laces to keep the shoe on your foot without having to grip with your toes.

For the summer it's best to look for a sandal with a back on it
Some sort of arch support like a birkenstock or some Archies

If you have any more questions about shoes you are more than welcome to book an appointment for some advice.

How you know your shoes have worn out.
Check the bottom of your shoe, if there is no longer tread on any part of the shoe
If there are any holes or worn out upper of the shoe
If you look at the back of the shoe and it is worn out on an angle
Your average sneaker should be replaced yearly